Microbes are the invisible bridge connecting ecosystems and agriculture

A living soil ecosystem with a healthy microbiome is an essential component of the planet’s biogeochemical cycles and biodiversity.

However, 20th-century agriculture has disrupted ecosystem functioning and deprived soils of their inherent potential. It is time to re-establish the missing bridge between ecosystems and agriculture by restoring microbial function.

BIOTREX provides a fast and cost-effective method to assess the functional diversity and vitality of microorganisms.

BIOTREX technology

Maintaining or restoring soil fertility requires measures to support biodiversity.
Most sustainable and regenerative farming practices rely on microbial enhancement, but lack the appropriate indicators and tests that can demonstrate a positive impact on the soil in a short period of time.

Discover BIOTREX – a study that allows you to understand and measure biodiversity and biological activity of the soil.

BIOTREX in brief

BIOTREX was developed in Japan by Professor Kazunari Yokoyama, formerly of the National Agricultural Research Organisation, and commercialised by DGC Technology in 2010. The method has been utilized in over 20,000 cases and has gained adoption by numerous farmers, Agri input manufacturers, and local authorities.

The technique involves the utilization of a Microplate containing various carbon sources. Soil suspension is applied to the plate, and the rate and speed at which the soil microbial community (including bacteria and fungi) metabolizes the carbon sources are measured. This process is carried out continuously for 48 hours to simulate their workload. The outcome is presented as a single number.

BIOTREX Biological Soil Health Index

BIOTREX measures the soil for the activity and diversity of the entire microbial community


408 567


activity and biodiversity


1 500 322


activity and biodiversity

Not good


Very good

“BIOTREX is a breakthrough method for measuring soil biological properties that is convenient and accessible for real-world farming practices, providing a holistic view of soil microorganisms rather than studying them species by species.”

Satoshi Matsumoto 

Chairman of Japan Soil Association

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Distributors in Europe

FarmTech is proud to be both a distributor and a partner laboratory in Europe. They understand the importance of accurate analysis and carefully test all samples from our European customers at their laboratory in Opole, in the western part of Poland.

Innova-Tech is a local distributor of BIOTREX in Italy. They have 25 years of experience in agricultural consultancy and have developed and implemented innovative technologies and practices that improve crop yields, disease resistance, and sustainability. Their expertise is particularly valuable in the field of rice farming.

Join Our Distribution Network as a Local Partner

We are actively seeking reliable and enthusiastic local distributors to expand our reach and make our services more accessible to customers in Europe. Join our distribution network and become a valued partner in delivering Leading-edge soil microbial analysis services to the local market.

No more guessing.

A good knowledge of the soil and its needs saves time and money. Fertile soil rich in humus, full of active and diverse microorganisms is what your plants need to grow better.

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