Microbes: the unseen link between nature and farming

Soil microbes are essential for maintaining soil health, enhancing plant growth and ensuring sustainable agriculture. They play a critical role in nutrient cycling, disease suppression and improving soil structure. By promoting a diverse and active microbial community, farmers can achieve healthier crops and more resilient farming systems.

BIOTREX soil microbial analysis provides a comprehensive and efficient way to assess the activity and diversity of your soil microbial community. Use BIOTREX to gain actionable insights, optimise soil management practices and improve the efficacy of microbial products, driving innovation and sustainability in agriculture.

Change invisible into invaluable

Sustainable farming relies on microbial enhancement, but often lacks quick, reliable tests to show positive soil impact.

Discover BIOTREX – the tool to understand and measure soil biodiversity and microbial activity.

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Developed in Japan by Professor Kazunari Yokoyama and commercialized by DGC Technology in 2010, BIOTREX has transformed soil analysis in Japan. Used in over 20,000 cases, it’s a favorite among farmers, agri-input manufacturers, and local authorities.

Our technology utilises the Community-Level Physiological Profiling approach. In agriculture, CLPP can be used to evaluate the biological state of the soil and the performance of microbial communities in agricultural systems. By analysing the metabolic activity of soil microbes in response to different carbon substrates or nutrients, CLPP can provide valuable information about nutrient cycling and overall soil fertility.

Quantify soil microbial activity with ease

Whether you're driven by curiosity, striving for higher yields, or committed to environmental stewardship, BIOTREX empowers you to uncover the full potential of your soil and promote sustainable land management practices.

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After analysis

Analysis results

“BIOTREX is a breakthrough method for measuring soil biological properties that is convenient and accessible for real-world farming practices, providing a holistic view of soil microorganisms rather than studying them species by species.”

Satoshi Matsumoto 

Chairman of Japan Soil Association

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FarmTech is proud to be both a distributor and a partner laboratory in Europe. They understand the importance of accurate analysis and carefully test all samples from our European customers at their laboratory in Opole, in the western part of Poland.


Innova-Tech is a local distributor of BIOTREX in Italy. They have 25 years of experience in agricultural consultancy and have developed and implemented innovative technologies and practices that improve crop yields, disease resistance, and sustainability. Their expertise is particularly valuable in the field of rice farming.

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If our service isn’t available through a local distributor in your country, don’t worry! Just get in touch with us directly, and our team will make sure you get the support and information you need.

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We are actively seeking reliable and enthusiastic local distributors to expand our reach and make our services more accessible to customers in Europe. Join our distribution network and become a valued partner in delivering Leading-edge soil microbial analysis services to the local market.

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Understanding your soil’s needs through soil microbial testing and soil monitoring saves both time and money. A soil rich in active and diverse microorganisms is essential for healthy plant growth and profitable agriculture.

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