Soil Microbial Testing​

Unlocking the secrets beneath your feet with soil microbial testing

Ever wondered what lies beneath the surface of your land? Soil microbial testing is the process of revealing vital insights around microbial biodiversity and activity that can revolutionise your approach to agriculture.

But, what exactly is soil microbial testing and why does it matter?

Think of taking a health check-up but for your soil. In the same way that scientists have now started to see the huge impact that having a healthy and diverse gut microbiome can have on our overall health. The biodversity of your soil can equally impact everything that grows from it.
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Your profit is hidden in the soil.

Discover it with soil biological research.

Discover the key benefits of active and diverse soil microbes

Soil microbial testing isn't just about examining dirt...
It's about uncovering a world of benefits that can transform how you interact with your land and the environment.

Here are some of the key benefits of increasing microbial diversity and activity.

Decomposition and Carbon Sequestration

Healthy soil teeming with diverse microbial life plays a crucial role in decomposition, breaking down organic matter and returning essential nutrients to the ecosystem. By fostering the growth of carbon-storing organisms, soil microbial testing supports carbon sequestration, aiding in the fight against climate change.

Increased Nutrient

A biodiverse soil ecosystem is a nutrient-rich environment. Through soil microbial testing, you gain insights into the activity and diversity of microorganisms responsible for nutrient cycling. This leads to improved nutrient availability for plants, enhancing crop yields and promoting overall soil fertility.

Effective Pest & Disease

A balanced soil ecosystem acts as a natural defence mechanism against pests and diseases. By assessing soil biodiversity, we can identify the activity and diversity of the microbial community that help suppress harmful pests and pathogens, reducing the need for chemical interventions. The more diverse the community, the better the chance that 'good' bacteria will keep 'bad' bacteria from overgrowing and causing damage to crops.

Improved Soil Structure &

Through the activity of diverse soil organisms, microorganisms create soil aggregates, enhancing water infiltration, reducing erosion, and promoting soil aeration. Soil microbial testing helps you understand and harness these natural processes to ensure soil health and resilience.

Ready To Take The Next Step?

Let's embark on a journey of discovery and innovation, transforming the way we approach farming and soil management for generations to come.

Who we help with soil microbial testing

We empower change across a wide range of stakeholders committed to regenerative agriculture and environmental stewardship.


For farmers seeking to maximise crop yields while minimising environmental impact, our soil microbial testing provides invaluable insights into soil health and fertility. Whether you're a small-scale farmer or part of a large agricultural operation, the insights from our tests can help you optimise your soil management practices, leading to healthier crops and a more resilient farm ecosystem.

Agricultural Products

Manufacturers of agricultural products, including producers of microbial products, rely on accurate data to develop environmentally responsible solutions. Our soil microbial testing offers key information about the potential impacts of these products on soil microbial communities and overall ecosystem health, facilitating the development of sustainable agricultural practices.

Agricultural Consultants

Our soil microbial testing equips consultants with a critical yet often overlooked part of their soil health assessments, enabling them to offer informed recommendations tailored to the specific needs and challenges of their clients. Together, we're driving positive change across agricultural landscapes.

Corporate Entities

Corporate entities and non-governmental organisations (NGOs) are increasingly recognising the importance of environmental sustainability in their initiatives. Our soil microbial testing supports these organisations in understanding the environmental impact of their activities.

How soil microbial testing works?


First, you'll need to take a 500g sample of your soil. Whilst the process might seem daunting, don't worry, our easy-to-follow guide will make the process easy to carry out by yourself. Once done, just write your sample name and sample date on the package, and send it back to us.

Lab Analysis

Now, it's our turn. Our state-of-the-art laboratory utilises cutting-edge technology to delve deep into your soil sample. We isolate microbes from the sample, place them on a microplates and observe what and how quickly they can utilise.


This allows us to assess the performance of the microbial community within your soil. With the data in hand, our team of experts prepare a detailed and thorough report on the activity and biodiversity of your soil microbial community.


Once done, we’ll be in touch to arrange a follow-up consultation to go through any questions regarding your results and what actions you can take next.

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