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Growing rice in balance with living things

The Hakusan area in Echizen City, Fukui Prefecture is an agricultural area centered on rice cultivation.It is located in Satoyama, a place that can be said to be the original scenery of Japanese farming villages.There, there is the Shiyarama Revitalization Council, which practices eco-friendly farming methods, including the farming method that brings back storks, which takes into consideration the surrounding ecosystem.
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Utilizing BIOTREX analysis as an indicator of “Paddy Fields Rich in Life”

Since opening the first hamburger restaurant “Bikkuri Donkey” in Sapporo in 1989, Aleph Co., Ltd. has increased the number of restaurants to more than 1 and is rapidly increasing the name recognition of “Bikkuri Donkey”.Even under rapid growth, we have set up the philosophy of "human beings are also healthy", and have started an environment-friendly agriculture experimental farm in Hokkaido for more than 300 years, which does not burden the environment.Recently, soil microbial diversity and activity value analysis has been used as an index to measure the progress of the project, and has been effective.
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Labour-saving organic rice farming that does not require weeding

Katsumi Nakajima, the former chairman of Yuuki Heart Net, the parent body of the Gifu Prefecture Shirakawa Town Organic Village Development Council, has practiced organic farming for many years and is a leader of the council.About 30 farmers who grow rice, soybeans, vegetables, etc. participate in this council, and they continue to actively participate in activities such as holding regular workshops.
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