FarmTech is now the new service laboratory and distributor of BIOTREX technology

We are proud to announce a new step forward in providing farmers with tools that deliver a complete picture of the condition and fertility of their soil. Beginning this year, FarmTech will be offering BIOTREX technology to farmers and performing soil microbial analysis at its laboratory in Opole, Poland.

The FarmTech team comprises skilled specialists who assist farmers with precision farming solutions. Using their high-tech laboratory, they interpret and advise farmers on precision fertilisation and strategic crop planning, based on in-depth soil analysis of nutrients and organic carbon levels. FarmTech was created in 2023, however, its’ experience and resources are rooted in the Top Farms Group, one of Poland’s largest and best managed agribusinesses with a 25-year market presence.

The BIOTREX technology provides an insight into the performance and functional diversity of soil microbes, which determine the proper cycling of nutrients and the overall resilience of the ecosystem. Knowledge of the biological condition of the soil, backed up by the results of in-depth chemical analysis, gives farmers full insight into the condition of the soil and supports decision-making.

BIOTREX and FarmTech have formed a partnership based on a shared vision of modern farming. This vision is founded on reliable data, economic viability, and a sense of responsibility towards nature. With such a great start to the year, we are eager to see the fruitful results that this year will bring!