Innova-Tech is now the official local distributor for BIOTREX in Italy

Una buona notizia per tutti in Italia! (Good news for Italy!)
We are delighted to announce a strategic partnership between Innova-Tech, a leading agricultural consultancy in Italy, and BIOTREX. From today, customers interested in BIOTREX in Italy will be able to obtain services through our local distributor.
Innova-Tech is an innovative company in the Italian agricultural sector, especially in the field of rice farming. With 25 years of experience, this privately owned company has developed and implemented cutting-edge technologies and practices that improve crop yield, disease resistance, and sustainability.
Innova-Tech showcases its dedication to sustainable farming through expert farmer support, engagement in research, and implementation of technologies like UAVs and computer vision. Extensive network of over 500 rice farms reflects its significant impact on the industry. Its partnerships with academia and government highlight its commitment to advance farming methods and increase biodiversity, ensuring a productive and sustainable agricultural future.
This partnership is driven by a shared commitment to improving soil health and biodiversity. Leveraging Innova-Tech’s extensive experience in Italian agriculture, our collaboration aims to develop tailored recommendations for regenerative practices that restore functions by reversing degradation and promoting diverse ecosystems.

Soil sampling on Italian fields together with Innova-Tech’s experts! February, 2024